We serve as the stewards of your resources. To different people, that means different things. As your land advisors, we provide our client’s with diversified options to maximize opportunities.

As stewards of the land, we take great pleasure and recognize the responsibility we have in managing your largest resource.

Development • Management • Sales

Just The Facts

Relan Capital’s services are individualized to fit your needs and goals. Whether you would like help maintaining your land, looking to develop, or creating a legacy, we are here to ensure you have every option.

  • Land & Timber Management

  • Sustainable Land Planning

  • Residual Income Strategies

  • Unimproved Land Positioning

  • Development Partnership Opportunities

  • Estate Planning & Management

  • Buying & Selling Raw Land

  • Development Site Procurement

Spanning across generations.

Our Mission

Conservation through a capitalistic approach is how we achieve our vision. Providing access and protecting the natural beauty of regions, while offering a life of simplicity. We partner alongside land owners, foresters, and developers to cultivate sustainable projects. Projects that balance preservation and utilization in a monetary world.

We are relationship brokers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to to see families immersed in the outdoors through spaces and experiences that are crafted in a way that protects what God has entrusted to us. We believe land planning should focus on making your property more sustainable for you. We believe every property has a purpose and the opportunity to positively impact the region generations to come.

Spanning across generations.

Projects We’re Involved In

Preserving the integrity of region is our top priority and we are proud to work alongside those who are focused on sustainable and resilient projects located throughout the Carolina Crescent region.

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