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Land, in many cases is our most valuable asset. An heirloom passed down among the generations, and oftentimes a way wealth is accumulated. We are here to provide advice as your land experts. Providing you with every option for the potential your land has.

As stewards of the land, we take great pleasure and recognize the responsibility we have in managing your largest asset.

Development • Management • Sales

Your Land & Your Legacy

Your land is more than just a piece of property. It’s your legacy, your heritage, your gift to future generations. But how can you make sure it’s protected and profitable? That’s where Relan Capital comes in. We are land stewards who can help you with land and timber management, development partnership opportunities, estate planning and more. We have a mission to steward and protect the land within the Carolina Crescent for generations to come. We can help you make your land more sustainable and profitable for yourself and your family. Contact us today and find out how you can help you preserve and enhance your legacy.

  • Land & Timber Management

  • Sustainable Land Planning

  • Land Utilization for Self-Sufficiency

  • Residual Income Strategies

  • Unimproved Land Positioning

  • Development Partnership Opportunities

  • Estate Planning & Management

  • Buying & Selling Raw Land

  • Manage RE Investment Portfolios

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